Model building

Information for Wetropolis construction:

Build your own copy or even change it according your own wishes. During the project we will add and extend the information.

The original Wetropolis leeds model

Wetropolis as build for Leeds University:

1) Wetropolis files as build for Leeds Uni (ie. the milled foam model) on Grabcad: Wetropolis_2018NFM

This contains Wetropolis_2018NFM files and Galton Board 3D design

2) Wetropolis files 2019 on Grabcad: Wetropolis 2019 Grabcad

This is the Grabcad partner folder for this WEtropolis Efro project. It will be filled during 2019 – 2020 with 2D and 3D files for building the landscape models as well as future models of chutes, discharge flumes, Hele Shaw cells etc. available for working with the landscape models 


Zwolle / IJssel flooding model.

Soon will be added. This model has been used in NLT (secundary education) class


For more information or instructions contact Wetropolis: