Sarndbox: cascading water

Sarndbox is software that works with a kinect (3D camera) and projects running water over a sandbox where channels are dug. Real time this water follows dug out channels. We were amazed and wanted to use it for “dry “landscapes and dig rivers, channels, and make it interactive. See also the post on 20 nov 2018 about the sandbox.

We, that is: consortium member 100Fat, tested this sandbox with Lego models, which worked more or less as expected. Unexpected and perhaps more interesting results came from working with just plain pieces of wood, hand sized. Very easy to work with, like children playing with wooden blocks . The elevation was recorded well by the Kinect. It was (for now) monitored on a screen (later it will be beamed on the blocks itself). Water was “added”: holding the hand under the Kinect triggers the program to make a source there. It actually did follow the blocks, like water cascading down. Amazing to see. It can probably be improved, speeded up, work for the coming time for 100Fat in Enschede who works on this part.

Video on youtube

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